About GRV
GRV Montessori Kindergarten &Nursery Teacher Training Institute accredited to international accredation organization (IAO) is started to provide an excellent teacher training program for women of all community even though there are many Montessori kindergarten teacher training schools in ndia for several years GRV syllabus works more on its practical and live method which is more needed to bring out the best and skilled trained teachers ."we assure we give the best teachers and win our excellence "
To bring about a positive change in the quality of Montessori teacher training, which in turn will provide an enriching experience for the children in their care with the belief that the children will grow up to be well-rounded and responsible individuals in society.
To empower women from all walks of life, by equipping them with the necessary skills to make them employable in the changing educational system in India.
To develop professional Montessorians who are sought after for their skills.
To equip these individuals with the necessary skills in creating and sustaining enriching environments that allow for 'active learning' in an 'age-appropriate manner'; for all children in their care.