Why has Montessori teacher training become important ?
Most schools today prefer kindergarden and primary school teachers to be Montessori trained. This is in line with the changes in our educational system & the outlook of parents and child care professionals Montessori trained teachers have the necessary skills to provide the right environment to allow for multi facet development of the child at his / her own pace.
Why Choose Montessori Education? How does it differ ?
  • The Montessori curriculum is designed to support in the development of the whole person, build a sense of community, and ignite a lifelong love of learning for.
  • Hands-on learning using multi-sensory, sequential, and self-correcting materials which provide a concrete learning experience, the moving to abstract memorization. Montessori by caring and devoted educators trained to develop instruction specifically suited to each student's needs and learning pace.
  • Self-confidence through a personal-best approach in a non-competitive atmosphere and by providing uninterrupted time to complete an activity successfully.
  • Responsibility through the pursuit of self-direction, self-discipline, individual mastery, consistent work habits, and respectful behavior.
  • Independence through developing academic, social, and practical skills to last a lifetime.
What GRV offers
  • Well designed and exhaustive course material that covers various aspects of Montessori teacher training.
  • Hands-on learning with access to Montessori material in the class room.
  • Opportunity for practical observation at play schools.
  • Access to a well stocked reference library
  • Talks and interactive sessions with leading child care and medical professionals.
  • A separate module on handling children with 'special needs'.
  • A module on technology in the classroom with deserves on using 'smart boards' etc.,
  • Practical training by experts in art and craft to help the teachers in their own artistic expression in the classroom. As well as to help bring out creativity and imagination in the children.
  • Counselling session to manage time & stress and help maintain a harmonions 'work-life' balance.
  • Certification from IAO and the International Montessori society.
  • Placement Assistance, on successful completion of the course, with leading schools.